Player Fees

Player Fees 2019 to 2020 Season

The yearly membership fees for our teams are shown in the table below. Due to the increased number of teams and the cost of training on the 3G with increased costs in other areas such as the training of our new coaches by the FA, we have to increase fees for the new season. We continue to keep our fees as low as possible and to ensure our funds are used efficiently. A benchmark for other clubs in the area has proved we offer excellent value in comparison. In addition, the girls fees have also been brought in line with the rest of the club after a period of subsidy during the formation and early running of the girls section of the club.

The membership fees should be paid upon registration with the club, and covers the complete football season. Please email Club Treasurer Caroline Herzog or call on 07913 812952 if you have any queries or would like to discuss different payment terms. The club has the right to suspend the membership of any player for whom the fee has not been paid by 30th September 2019, unless prior agreement has been made with the Club Treasurer. We appreciate paying in one installment particularly for multiple siblings can be a challenge so contact Caroline if you need to spread the payments.

CategoryDescriptionAnnual Fee
U5/U5, U7, U8, U9, U10small sided£100
U11, U129-a-side£120
U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U1811-a-side£140

Busaries and Late Joiner Fees

The yearly membership fee covers the main training session, use of club kit and equipment, insurance and league affiliation fees and coaches training. During the football season, the club and/or team manager may request additional contributions for a specific named purpose such as participation in tournaments (where an entrance fee is payable) or additional training sessions, for example.

It is the club’s intention to provide “football for all” and that the ability to pay fees should not be a barrier to participation. As a result we have a limited number of bursaries available to subsidise fees, in part or full, depending on the case. If you would like to consider applying for a bursary them please contact Caroline Herzog before the start of the season (before September) with a brief explanation and we will endeavour to respond promptly, in confidence.

If a player joins the club after the start of the season then the following fees are payable:

Late joiner feesSmall sided / girls9-a-side11-a-sideAdult