Our DNA, our philosophy

Chineham Tigers FC – Our DNA (our philosophy)


Who We Are

Chineham Tigers FC serves the community of Chineham and its surrounding areas by providing opportunities for children from the age of five to play football in a fun and safe environment.

We are a non-profit organisation, run exclusively by volunteers and we strive to provide the best possible experience for the children in our care.

How We Play

At Chineham Tigers we provide equal opportunities and equal status for all children through mixed ability teams (that are not streamed) with equal playing time for all players and the rotation of starting players in matches.

How We Coach

Coaching of players will be aimed at the development of all players equally and in recognition of their individual needs (technical, physical, social and psychological, as per the FA four corner model).

The club strives to deliver the best experience for its players through excellence in coaching and continual development based on the FA training programmes. All teams will have a FA level 1 accredited coach as a minimum, and we are working towards having at least one FA level 2 accredited coach in each age group during or before the Under 9 season. The club also strives to develop a small number of FA level 3 coaches to support and develop coaching practices across all age groups in pursuit of coaching excellence.

Players who reach high levels of performance will be encouraged to continue their development through participation in academies of excellence.

How We Support

Chineham Tigers strives to be open in its communication and be responsive to the needs of the children in its care. It will welcome feedback in all areas of its endeavours and take appropriate action based on the needs of all the children. We ensure that all our coaches and helpers have the appropriate accreditation particularly those that have an impact on the safety and welfare of the children. These include conducting the FA recommended Criminal Records Check (CRC) and the Safeguarding Children certification.

How You Can Help

In order to scale to accommodate all players it will attempt to train as many volunteer coaches (through accredited FA courses) as needed to meet demand. We also need support in various non coaching roles and without these volunteers we would not be able to function effectively as a club. We welcome the support we receive and are continually looking to elicit additional support to provide the best possible environment for the children.


PLEASE NOTE: This DNA was developed with our foundation phase teams and is intended to be the blueprint for the new teams formed from now onwards. Older age groups may vary in their philosophy and so not all of the above may be applicable to the way the teams are run. All child welfare related matters will be consistently applied however.