Girls football comes to Chineham!

Chineham Tigers has announced its very first training session for girls with two free taster sessions in July. All girls are welcome to attend and they will be run from 10.30am to 11.30am on Sunday 9th July and Sunday 16th July at Four Lanes School. Following the July sessions we will be announcing further ones starting again in September. Anyone wanting to know more can contact us using the button at the bottom of the home page. Please share this information with your friends and relatives who might be interested. Thanks, Andy. Girls Poster

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  1. We have a 10 year old daughter who is interested. Do we just turn up or do we need to register?

    1. Hello David. That is great, just turn up on the day, there is no need to register. Thanks, Andy.

    1. Hello Rachel, yes we will look to split them based on their physical development. Once we see the mix of girls, we can start to plan how to run the sessions going forward. We are targeting the pre senior school girls for now but if any older girls want to participate we will accommodate that. Andy.

  2. Great news, thanks for arranging this. My 9 year old daughter will be there.

    Quick question – will you use a size 4 or size 5 football?

    1. Hi Gavin, for the younger girls we will use a size 3 and the older ones a size 4. Size 5 only comes in when they are 13 or 14 if I remember correctly.
      See you there, Andy.

  3. I’m really pleased you’re holding these sessions, Andy. Mary has been on the waiting list for the regular Chineham Tigers team for quite some time so is really looking forward to this.
    Should she come in shin pads and football boots or are trainers ok?

    1. Hi, that’s great. Shinpads are essential but the girls can wear either trainers of boots now the ground is firm. See you then. Andy.

    1. Hi Freya, yes you would be very welcome. We will try to adapt to the different age groups by splitting into smaller groups of similar ages.
      See you then, Andy.

  4. What time do you plan to run the girls club from september please? my daughter is 7 and very keen but the time doesn’t work for us as we go to church!

    1. Hi, we haven’t fixed a time and day yet but it is possible that we might run separate sessions for the younger girls and one for the older ones. Register for notifications on the website as I will be announcing the plans for September soon after we have concluded the July sessions. If you aren’t sure about anything by all means send me an email on . Thanks for your interest! Andy.

  5. Are you still doing girls football sessions? Potentially have two 11 year olds that would like to try. Please can you provide details if so. Thank you

    1. Hi Janine, yes we are, year 3s and 4s meet on Sunday morning and year 5s and older meet on Saturday morning. If you can send me an email directly on I will let you know the time and venue of sessions as we have had to make some temporary changes due to the weather. We have this weekend off for half term but will be back the week after. Thanks, Andy.

  6. Hi. I have a 10 year daughter who would like to give football ago, she has a few friends already at your club so has ask me to find out if she could come along and give it a go.
    Please could you let me know when and where you train and if you have room for one more.
    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Paul, I think we spoke on the phone, but just in case, our U10s (year 4s and 5s currently) train on Sunday morning at 10am on the Vyne School’s new 3G pitch. See you soon, Andy.

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