July girls sessions a big hit and dates set for September

The July taster sessions concluded with around 50 girls attending over the 2 sessions. With such a positive response we are pleased to announce the dates and venues for the first session of the new season and school year:

9am on Saturday 2nd September at Sherfield Park Community Centre – Years 3 and 4

10am on Saturday 2nd September at Sherfield Park Community Centre – Year 5 and older

10.30am on Sunday 3rd September at Four Lanes School – Years R, 1 and 2

The sessions will be held on a weekly basis and we will look to form a number of teams to play against other girls teams in the area.

Look forward to seeing you after the holidays.

Andy Hoiles, CTFC.

9 Replies to “July girls sessions a big hit and dates set for September”

  1. Thank you for running the taster sessions. Unfortunately Emily won’t be able to make the sessions in September because she already does Karate and Ballet on a Saturday morning. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Andy and Coaching team! Drew really enjoyed her taster session and is looking forward to starting proper training in September.

  3. Ah that’s a shame. Mary really enjoyed the taster sessions but has karate on a Saturday morning. What are the chances of the training for her age group (year 3 & 4) taking place on a Sunday instead? She is really keen.

    1. Hi all, if the consensus is that Saturday morning poses a problem we can look at reverting to a Sunday. If you can let me know the preference for the age groups then that would be great. Thanks, Andy.

      1. Lucy C (future yr 5) v much enjoyed the sessions as well. Thank you organisers! Sat morn works well for us although Sun morn prob poss too.

    2. It is looking likely that we will switch the yr3 and yr4 group back to Sunday (leaving the yr5+ group as the only Saturday one) due to current feedback. Will confirm in a week or so to give others a chance to comment also. Thanks, Andy.

      1. Thanks so much for considering this, Andy. Will wait to hear on the final decision. Georgina

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